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Clean Energy Ambassadors is available to provide assistance to municipal utilities, public power districts and joint action agencies in the Great Plains region, who are seeking to develop leadership and productive public participation around energy efficiency.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Smaller community-owned utilities
  • Helping to 'Make the Business Case' for energy efficiency to local leaders
  • Encouraging public participation

Through foundation funding, Clean Energy Ambassadors is able to offer many of these services at no cost.

An Example of the Clean Energy Ambassadors in the Field:

Glenn Cannon, former General Manager of Waverly Light and Power in Waverly, Iowa has visited dozens of municipal utilities in the past year as a Clean Energy Ambassador. Glenn shares the story of how his utility successfully lowered customer bills and energy consumption. Drawing on his experience, Glenn teaches program managers and local leaders about the bottom line advantages of increased energy efficiency and shows them how to implement practical efficiency programs.

To Learn More About Clean Energy Ambassadors, download the overview above or contact Clean Energy Ambassador, Jill Cliburn.

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